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Things to know before visiting Hahajima
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Ogasawara Hahajima Tourist Association

Aza-motochi, Hahajima, Ogasawara-mura, Tokyo
Open hours
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On Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays when the Ogasawara-maru is out of the port of Chichijima (The afternoon on the departure day becomes closed if the departure day of the Ogasawara-maru is a Saturday, Sunday, or national holiday).

Things to know before visiting Hahajima

Please read carefully before visiting Hahajima.

Please make sure to reserve an accommodation facility.

The number of accommodation facilities on Hahajima are restricted. Please be sure to make a reservation before visiting the island!!
We may ask visitors who do not have a place to stay to return to Chichijima. Please be extra careful.

Camping is forbidden
Camping is forbidden in all areas of Ogasawara according to the regulation of the village. Please make sure to reserve an accommodation facility when visiting.
Regarding the disposal of garbage.

Burnable trash
Please dispose of burnable trash in burnable trash bins.
Food scraps are disposed as burnable trash on Hahajima. Please bring back food scraps with you to your accommodation facility.

Glass bottles/ plastic bottles
Glass bottles and plastic bottles are collected together. Please dispose of them in the bins for glass bottles and plastic bottles after quickly rinsing, taking off the labels on plastic bottles, removing the caps, and crushing plastic bottles.

Drink cans
Please empty drink cans and throw them into bins for drink cans. Empty cans apart from drink cans (canned food and spray cans) are metallic trash so please bring them back with you to your accommodation facility.

Regarding cellular phones
NTT docomo, au, and Softbank can be used within the villages. However the reception can become weak as you move further away from the villages.
Regarding cash cards (ATM)
The ATM of JA accepts cash cards of various banks (apart from Shoko Chukin Bank, Choki Shinyo Ginko, and Internet Banks) and post offices.
* However cash can only be withdrawn and usage fee is charged.
Ogasawara Hahajima store, JA Tokyo Shimasho
(From 9:00 to 16:00 * only weekdays)
Regarding the use of the Internet
Free Wi-Fi service is available at the passanger terminal. High speed mobile communication services such as 3G and 4G (LTE) provided by cellular phone carrier companies can be used within the village.
Please refer to the amenities/ facility details of accommodation facilities regarding the Internet environment of where you will be staying.
Protect yourself from sunburns even during the winter
The sun can still be strong in the winter. Make sure to bring hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen when going out to sea or for walks around the island during the day!!
It is also necessary to keep warm
The Ogasawara Islands may have the impression of being warm throughout the year. However the average temperature can drop below 20 between January and March. People visiting during the season between December and May should bring warm clothes for the mornings and evenings!!
Regarding drinking water
There are no places for resupplying drinking water outside of the village. Please bring plenty of drinking water when visiting places that require time to go and return.
Regarding shoes
The dirt of Ogasawara is clay-like and slippery, so please avoid wearing sandals when going on hikes and make sure to wear sneakers or appropriate shoes for hiking.
Regarding medicines

There are no pharmacies on Hahajima, and there aren’t any stores that sell medicines either so please be prepared!
Motion sickness pills can be purchases at the pharmacy on Chichijima, so please prepare for a round trip before embarking the Hahajima-maru.

Health insurance certificate

A health insurance certificate is necessary when going to the clinic. We advise you to bring just in case for injuries or when falling ill.
* Copies are unaccepted

@Contacts of public institutions
Ogasawara Village Office Hahajima Branch TEL: 04998-3-2111
Ogasawara Police Department Hahajima Substation TEL: 04998-3-2110
Ogasawara Village Hahajima Health Clinic TEL: 04998-3-2115
Hahajima Island District Branch Office TEL: 04998-3-2121
Ogasawara Tourist Association (Chichijima) TEL: 04998-2-2587
Izu Shoto Kaihatsu Hahajima Agency (Hahajima-maru) TEL: 04998-3-2331

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