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FAQ(Frequently asked questions)

Below are frequently asked questions and answers to them.
Please refer to them for your trip.

Q. Are there any guided tours in English?
A. No.
Guided tours are only available in Japanese.
Q. Is it possible to camp on Hahajima?

A. No.
Camping in Ogasawara is prohibited in all areas of the village by regulation of the village. Please make sure to reserve an accommodation facility before arriving to the island.

Q. Can I reserve tickets for the Hahajima-maru?
Are there cases where the ship becomes full and we are unable to ride?

A. No.
The tickets of the Hahajima-maru cannot be reserved beforehand. Tickets are sold about 1 hour before departure time on the day of departure. The ship rarely becomes full where people are unable to ride.
* This never occurred in 2013.
Please refer to here regarding access to Hahajima.
Q. What is the climate of Hahajima like and what kind of clothes should I bring? Is it warm during the winter?

A. No.
Most people seem to have the impression of a summer climate throughout the year. However the average temperature between January and March can drop below 20. Please don’t forget to bring warm clothes for visiting the islands between December and May as it can become cold in the mornings as well as the evenings!! The sun is also quite strong even during the winter. Please bring a hat/ sunglasses/ sunscreen when going to the beach or walking around the island during the day!!

[ Climate and clothes worn throughout the year ]

April to May [ Temperature during the day is around 25  Temperature in the mornings and evenings are around 18 ]
Fine days can be as hot as in the summer, however the temperature can suddenly drop due to changes with the weather, and so sweatshirts or windbreakers are necessary. From the beginning until the middle of May is the rainy season and it can continue to rain for a few days.

Please be careful with sunburns and dehydration as humidity is high and the sunlight is strong during the day. Make sure to carry at least a liter of water or a drink when visiting locations away from the center of the village. Take at least 2 liters if you plan to hike up a mountain. Around the middle of August becomes the typhoon season.

It can become as hot as in the summer on fine days, however there are also days with low temperature so it would be better to have clothes such as sweatshirts or windbreakers. The water temperature stays high during this period, which makes it suitable for swimming on a fine day. However the typhoon season approaches after this so please be careful.

There are fine days when just a t-shirt would be comfortable, yet it can become chilly when the wind from the north blows or during the mornings and evenings. For these reasons it would be better to have clothes that protect you from the wind, clothes such as trainers that retain humidity, long sleeve shirts, and long pants as well as socks.
Q. Is it possible to swim in swimsuits all year round?

A. No.
There is a ceremony for the first day of swimming in the sea every New Year’s Day in Ogasawara, however the period for comfortably swimming in swimsuits is from June to October. The water temperature in seasons apart from that period is low, and so wet suits may be necessary. We also recommend wearing rash guards during seasons when it is possible to swim with swimsuits in order prevent sunburns.
Q. Can we use cellular phones?

A. Yes.

NTT docomo/ au/ Softbank can be used within the village.
However there are areas outside of the village that do not have reception.
Q. Are there banks?

A. No.
There are no banks, however bank cards (excluding Shoko Chukin Bank, Choki Shinyo Ginko (long-term credit bank), and network banks)/ post office cash cards can be used at the ATM of JA (Japan Agricultural Cooperatives).
* However they can only be used for withdrawing and commission will be charged.
* JA Tokyo Shima Sho Ogasawara Hahajima Branch (From 9:00 to 16:00 * only on weekdays)
Q. Can we use credit cards?

Credit cards are accepted at Craft Inn La Mere, and Island Resort Hahajima Nanpu. However they cannot be used at other facilities.
Q. Are there locations with access to the Internet?

There are no public wireless LAN hotspots such as Wi-Fi hotspots. However high speed mobile communication such as 3G and 4G (LTE) provided by each cellular phone carrier can be used within the village.

Please refer to the amenities/ facility details of accommodation facilities regarding their Internet environment.
Q. Are there convenience stores or super markets?

A. No.
There are no 24-hour open convenience stores or large super markets. However there are stores that handle food products, general goods, as well as daily necessities, the agricultural cooperatives/ fishery cooperatives store, and the Maeda store.

Agricultural cooperatives store… Open hours: 8:00 to 17:30 * Closed in the afternoons on days when the Ogasawara-maru leaves and the following day.

Fisheries cooperatives store… Open hours: 8:00 to 18:00 * Closed on Sundays and holidays.

Maeda store… Open hours: 8:00 to 18:00 * Closed on Sundays and holidays

Please be aware that all stores may be closed when the following day of the departure of the Ogasawara-maru is a Sunday or a holiday.

Q. Are there stores that sell lunch boxes?

There are no stores that sell lunch boxes. Please request for lunch boxes at your accommodation facility or eat at a restaurant.
Restaurant Austro provides lunch boxes only with reservation beforehand.

Visitors planning to return to Chichijima on the same day may miss the return ship if the restaurant is busy, and so we recommend bringing lunch from Chichijima.

Q. What are the transportation methods on Hahajima? Are there buses or taxis?

A. No.
There are no public transportations on Hahajima. Please use transportation with charge (share taxi), rental cars, or rental motorbikes.

* There are no rental bicycles.

Q. Do we need to reserve a guided tour when hiking Mt. Chibusayama?

A. No. People do not have to be accompanied by a guide when entering Mt. Chibusayama. Visitors can hike without being accompanied by guides, however we do also recommend guided tours that will allow you to further enjoy the mountain.
Please refer to here for details of the guides.(Guided tours are only available in Japanese.)
The Hahajima Tourist Association issues a memorial certificate for climbing to the top of Kofuji (300 Yen). Please apply at the Hahajima Tourist Association desk before climbing if you wish to order one.
Q. What is Sekimon like?

A. Sekimon is a deep forest with many endemic animals and plants of Hahajima. Please refer to here for more details.
Visitors must be accompanied by guides certified by the Tokyo metropolitan government in order to enter Sekimon. Please make sure to apply for a guided tour! Please refer to here for details of the guides. (Guided tours are only available in Japanese.)
This course is recommended for those who are physically fit and are interested in plants as it involves walking on unpaved paths for long periods of time.
There are also no lavatories on the course so please use portable toilets when necessary. Portable toilets are provided at the Hahajima Tourist Association. Please pay 300 Yen if used.

According to voluntary rules the Sekimon route can be used from March to September (only a section of the route can be used in March).
We recommend reserving before arriving on Hahajima for tours as they may become full.

Q. What is Mt. Sakaigatake like?

A. Mt. Sakaigatake is a mountain standing mid-way into the forest of Sekimon where it is possible to enjoy tree ferns. The length of the walk is shorter than Sekimon, however it is recommended for those who are physically fit with interest in plants as the course requires walking up unpaved trails. Please refer to here for more details.
People must be accompanied by guides certified by the Tokyo metropolitan government. Please make sure to apply for a guided tour. (Guided tours are only available in Japanese.)

We recommend reserving before arriving on Hahajima for tours as they may become full.

Q. I would like to go on a one-day Hahajima trip from Chichijima. Are there any tours I can join?

A. Yes.
The only tour that can be joined within the standard schedule of the Hahajima-maru (Leaving Chichijima at 7:30, leaving Hahajima at 14:00) is the island sightseeing tour (approximately 2 and a half hours).
Please contact guides or the Hahajima Tourist Association for one-day trips from Chichijima during New Year’s, spring holiday, and summer holidays when the Ogasawara-maru arrives and departs on the same day.

* Visitors planning to return to Chichijima on the same day may miss the return ship if the restaurant is busy, and so we recommend bringing lunch from Chichijima.

Q. Are beach sandals and mules appropriate for walking on public trails?

A. No.
The dirt of Ogasawara is clay-like and can be slippery. Please avoid wearing sandals when going on walks or hikes and make sure to use sneakers. Please wear trekking shoes when hiking up mountains.
Q. What should we wear and bring when going into the forest or hiking up mountains?

Short sleeve t-shirts or long sleeve shirts with long pants are suitable in the summer (June to September). We recommend not exposing too much skin as you can get cuts from the branches of trees. Humidity is extremely high on Hahajima during the summer so please select clothes using materials that dry quickly.
The spring and fall (October to November, April to May) also has high temperature that is not so different from the summer, however it may be safer to have something to wear on top of your clothes such as a windbreaker.
Warm clothes on top of short sleeve or long sleeve shirts, light down jackets are recommended during the winter (December to March).
Please bring trekking shoes.

Things to bring
Drinks, rain gear, sunscreen, towel. Lunch box if staying out for the day.
*Please prepare over 2 liters of drinks during the summer 1 liter even in the winter. Make sure to have rain gear as the weather may suddenly change.
Trekking sticks may also be useful.

Q. Is there a hospital?

A. Yes.
There is the Hahajima Health Clinic.
A health insurance certificate is required when visiting the clinic.
We recommend you to bring your certificate in case of injuries or becoming ill.
* Copies are unaccepted.

Hahajima Health Clinic: TEL: 04998-3-2115
Q. Is there a pharmacy? Are there motion sickness medications?

A. No.
There is no pharmacy on Hahajima. Please be aware that there are no facilities that sell medicines! The Hahajima-maru may rock easily with small waves, as it is a smaller vessel compared to the Ogasawara-maru. For those who require motion sickness medication, please purchase for a round-trip at the pharmacy on Chichijima before boarding the Hahajima-maru.
@Contacts of public institutions
Ogasawara Village Office Hahajima Branch TEL: 04998-3-2111
Ogasawara Police Department Hahajima Substation TEL: 04998-3-2110
Ogasawara Village Hahajima Health Clinic TEL: 04998-3-2115
Hahajima Island District Branch Office TEL: 04998-3-2121
Ogasawara Tourist Association (Chichijima) TEL: 04998-2-2587
Izu Shoto Kaihatsu Hahajima Agency (Hahajima-maru) TEL: 04998-3-2331

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